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Property Valuation & Appraisal

When a property comes into the market at the right price, there will be purchasing interest from the very first moment. A proper appraisal is based on the complete study of the property – location, condition, commerciality, supply and demand study in the area and also the study of the special uses that would give value to the property. Whether you want to just value your real estate assets or utilize its use, the most decisive thing is the valuation & appraisal of your assets.

The full respect of the confidentiality rules, the rigorous and careful staffing of certified appraisers by international organizations, the active database constantly fueled by current market data, attentive & competitive fees, all combined with a 40-year proven experience in designing assessment & research, give us a competitive edge over competition.

Causes for need / demand for valuation & appraisal studies

  • Transactions (sales leases) – Negotiating advantage with the proper appraisal of the property and briefer finding of buyer / lessee.
  • Rent reduction
  • Accelerate the disposal of property due to proper appraisal
  • International Standards – Compulsory Corporation Compliance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) or IAS (International Accounting Standards) or IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  • Courts  (Divorces, Expropriations Claims from/to State-Municipalities, Auctions, Hereditary Disputes etc.) Expert Witnessing (Experts – Representation in Courts, Expertising).
  • Hereditary Disputes
  • Transparency  (Public, Legal person governed by public law, Church, Co-Owners, etc.) Compulsory appraisal of government properties before the transaction by certified appraisers of the Ministry of Finance
  • Subscription of underwriting / Entitlement (e.g. Banks, Creditors, etc.)
  • Rent renegotiation
  • Corporate liquidations
  • Corporate merging
  • Presence of a consultant /expert in meetings / conferences / transactions, etc.

Type of services rendered

Real Estate Valuation Estimates

Market Value, Market Rent

Rapid Fluid Value Valuations

Forced Sale Value, Liquidation Value

Fair Value for courts
Expert Witnessing

Experts – Representation in Courts, Expertise

Market Research

Market Research –Market Report

Highest & Best Use Analysis
Feasibility Studies
Due Diligence

Our appraisers

Our appraisers maintain a high level of training, know-how and customer service according to internationally recognized standards.
40-Year experience in conducting appraisal and research studies. Active database (DATABASE) constantly supplied and updated with current and historical data
Academic higher education from universities abroad related to real estate
Competitive earnings

Our certifications

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)
MINISTRY OF FINANCE, certified by the Register of Certified Appraisers of the Ministry
Professional Indemnity Insurance (P.I.I.)
International Valuation Standards (IVS), United States Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).
Insurance coverage by AIG

Our customers

  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Big Organizations
  • Officially listed on an official stock exchange
  • Companies for providing credit to their clients (e.g. Coca Cola, AGET, Athinaiki Zithopoiia, Bo-Frost)
  • Multinational companies
  • HCMC
  • Lawyers
  • Any property owner
  • Any prospective buyer
  • Any tenant
  • Any co-owner

In detail our clients here.