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Property Buyer & Tenant Advisory

We offer you solutions for real estate investments with a reliable return, having full knowledge of the real estate market and updated files with comparative data.

Whether it is for purchase / lease, or for join venture or any kind of property development, with the unlimited database we have and the well-trained staff, we are ready to meet your needs.

With the main vehicle the continuous market research and the personal and immediate service, we evaluate and proceed to the valuation & appraisal of the properties that interest you, while at the same time we constantly inform you about new properties.

Customer Service Program

Τα συγκριτικά πλεονεκτήματα της SOTIROPOULOS BROS
Continuous Research
Continuous market research is the primary purpose of our executives in order to identify in a timely manner the important properties offered in order to register the information so that it is available to our customers.
Personal communication
We discuss with you so that we have clear information about your needs and we offer you alternatives for investments in real estate with a reliable return, having a complete knowledge of the real estate market and updated files with price comparative data. Then we cross your preferences with our database database which contains hundreds of available properties, thus increasing your options.
Immediate Service
We visit the properties with you so you may form a complete picture of what we offer you and finally we negotiate on your behalf always in a transparent and characteristic way in the market. It is a fact that our clients use us to negotiate on their behalf even if they have found the property themselves.
Valuation & Appraisal
We assess and evaluate the proposed investments with the most modern methods of the market (DCF Investment Appraisal, & Development Appraisal etc.)
Continuous updates
We are constantly informing you about new properties. In case you are not satisfied with any of what we have already indicated to you, having your interests registered in our file, we keep you informed of anything relevant.
Exclusive customer service program
Many of our customers have assigned us their requests exclusively and we have completed successfully.