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Property Promotion

Taking advantage of a property in the most interesting way, especially nowadays, with the changing domestic market conditions, is a fairly serious and difficult task that you have to trust in those having experience, knowledge, know-how and bargaining ability to match the outcome to your requirements.

The product of our great experience and our dynamics is our stable customers who are considered as the guarantee for our professionalism, such as banks, insurance companies, multinational corporations, construction companies as well as private & institutional investors.

Property Promotion Programmes

The comparative advantages of SOTIROPOULOS BROS
Personal contact and confidentiality
Always on a personal level, we get informed about your goals and aspirations by gathering all the information about your property(plans, lease agreements, land or building uses, photos, etc.). We also visit your property to get a full picture.
Advertising - promotion of the property
The company, always equipped with the modern digital media and the appropriately trained staff undertakes web promotion of the property, as well as in the press as we have been cooperating for years with all the well-known media.
Buyers and Target Buyers information
Every buyer that addressing to our agency is listed in our records for being informed about your property. On a permanent basis, our records contain names of hundreds of potential buyers, sorted by their interests. There are also registered business data, such as shipping, insurance, industrial companies, banks etc. to which we also propose your property.
Instant Customer Service
We are visiting the property with the prospective buyers and presenting it to them in the best possible way. We negotiate on your behalf in absolute transparency and professionalism. We evaluate your property according to the most sophisticated methods in the market for promoting it at the right price, for achieving the best possible deal for you.
Collaboration with other real estate agencies
Sometimes, in our researches for finding the most suitable buyer, we also work with other real estate agents. In these cases, you do not bother at all, because our colleagues communicate only with our company.
Promotion in the International Market
Through our company’s visibility in the international market as well as the partnerships we have developed abroad, more and more investment buyers expand their activities in our country.
Exclusive property promotion program
Not a few of our customers implement promotional program exclusively.