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Real Estate Promotion & Marketing

Utilizing a property in the most advantageous way, especially nowadays with the constantly changing domestic market conditions is a very serious and difficult case that you have to trust people with experience, knowledge, know-how and bargaining ability to meet the result and to your requirements.

The product of our long course in the field, but also of our dynamics, are our regular customers who are now a guarantee for our professionalism, such as banks, insurance companies, multinational companies, construction companies, as well as institutional and private investors.

Real Estate Promotion Programs

The comparative advantages of SOTIROPOULOS BROS
Personal contact and confidentiality
We are always personally informed about your purposes and aspirations by gathering all the information about your property (plans, any leases, land use, photos, etc.). Then we visit your property to have a complete picture.
Advertising - promotion of the property
The company with the modern digital media that it has and the appropriately trained staff undertakes the promotion of the property on the internet but also in the press as we have been collaborating for years with well-known mass media.
Informing buyers, targeted and not
Every buyer who addresses our office is registered in our file to be informed about your property. On a permanent basis, our archive contains the names of hundreds of potential buyers, sorted by their interests. In addition, there are registered business interests, such as shipping, insurance, industrial companies, banks, etc. to which we may also recommend your property.
Immediate service & Negotiation
We visit the property together with the potential buyers and present it to them in the best possible way. We negotiate on your behalf with absolute transparency and professionalism. We value your property according to the most advanced methods in the market to promote it at the right asking price in order to achieve the best possible deal for you.
Cooperation with other real estate agencies
In our search to find the most suitable buyer, we often cooperate with other real estate agencies. In these cases you do not bother at all by communicating with many agencies, because our colleagues communicate only with our company.
Promotion in the International Market
Through the promotion of our company in the International market but also through collaborations that we have developed abroad, more and more investor buyers who expand their activities in our country are addressed to our office.
Exclusive property promotion program
Many of our customers ask us to implement the exclusive promotion program.